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The 5G mobile radio standard will change people’s lives and work. 5G is on everyone’s lips. But what concrete applications are already running? When are which technical standards available on the market? Which performance features can already be incorporated into your own products?

The 5G CMM Expo gives you a first-hand overview of current developments from international experts and key players. Our live demonstrations show how practical examples from different application areas can be put into practice. That’s why you should be there:


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5G will change people’s lives and work. Find out more about the opportunities and risks of 5G technology.



Connect with the top players from all industries relevant to you and expand your business network.



Take a seat in the front row of new products, advanced technologies and revolutionary ideas.

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Exhibition focus Smart Manufacturing

5G will enable multiple applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), exponentially increasing the self-connectivity of 50 billion devices within the next 10 years.

Latency times of as little as one millisecond and a reliability of 99.999% also make the vision of Industrie 4.0 a reality: fully flexible, self-connected, autonomous production. This has a direct impact on people in almost all walks of life.

Exhibition focus Smart City

The exhibition center becomes a showcase for digital transformation.

Streets, buildings, squares, green spaces, restaurants, car parks — our smart venue is already a small city. Public life will change with 5G; at our smart venue these changes come alive.

Transparency and public discourse allow a differentiated view of the things that are indispensable for forming opinions and making decisions.

Exhibition focus New Mobility

The transfer from car to car or from data server to car will take only one millisecond in the future.

“Real-time” is the industry’s new magic word. Real-time data communication between cars and infrastructure will make traffic more predictable and thus reduce congestion and accidents.

Exhibition focus Smart Farming

Smart Farming enables services such as machine set-up optimization, optimum fertilization and harvesting strategies and extensive automation of the process chain to be achieved.

Plant, field and highly individual application technology in agriculture require a digital infrastructure that makes efficient and intelligent use of all available communication technologies.

5G offers this by allowing intelligent network circuits and the integration of external data sources with high data throughput (e.g., weather data and square centimeter accurate allocation). (Source: Federal Government)

Exhibition focus Logistics

The logistics sector benefits from 5G in many ways.

For the time being, however, the focus of classical goods transport is on networked sensors that transmit position, temperature, vibrations and other aspects of the handling of shipments to logistics centers or forwarding dispatchers.


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