The 5G CMM Expo is the new platform for networked mobile machinery vehicles, devices and 5G live demonstrations. Here exhibition and conference meet interactive network formats. As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to experience your showcases and products directly and in action and to inspire trade visitors.



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Main exhibition topics at the 5G CMM EXPO

  • Cloud solutions (AI, database systems, positioning software)
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Systems integration
  • Application software and IT security technology
  • Communication technology (5G and other network standards, wireless campus networks, WiFi)
  • Machine-side communication technology (network technology, antennas, radio cells)
  • Automation technology for mobile machines (sensors / image processing technology, actuators, controls)
  • Embedded systems for mobile applications
  • Test equipment
  • Services (e.g. testing services, standardization, certification)

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