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Would you like to participate in the 5G CMM?

Then apply now as a speaker or suggest a speaker!

A plenum and up to six breakout sessions, plus an accompanying exhibition and numerous showcases: including the world’s first 5G Real Lab! This is where the “Who is Who” of the mobile revolution in machine and vehicle construction meets!


Startups @ 5G CMM EXPO

Your startup has what it takes to drive change? Then present yourself to the decision-makers from important economic sectors and join us in bringing the networked digital transformation on the road to the future.

Submit your ideas, topics and suggestions via our Call for Participation.


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What is the Call for Participation?
Any company or speaker can apply for a lecture via the Call for Participation. We fill about 30% of our presentations with applications via the Call for Participation. In this way we create a perfect mixture of your and our topics.
How do I apply?
Please click on the appropriate form to apply. In order to evaluate the presentation, we need the following documents: company/institution, name of speaker, position, email, topic, abstract,
Lecture language, name of submitter, company, email and telephone.
Are there any costs associated with the Call for Participation?
Yes and no – the application is free of charge. However, if you are interested in a product or company presentation, the presentation is subject to a fee.
When will I get a message if my presentation has been accepted?
Each selection/view takes time – we need to check how and where we can integrate the presentation into the conference program. As a rule, we will contact you within six weeks.
Can I still change my lecture content after acceptance?
A reorientation of the content of the presentation is only possible with the approval of the 5G CMM conference team. However, minor content updates may be made up to two weeks prior to the event.
In which language should the lecture be held?
The conference is aimed at an international audience and is therefore held in English.
Do I have to be an exhibitor to participate in the conference?
No, participation in the 5G CMM conference program is available to any company/organization/speaker.
I still have questions that are not answered here. What can I do?
We’re always happy to help. Please send us an email to
We will get back to you as soon as possible.