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We are digital pioneers_
In turbulent times we need pioneering spirit and positive role models! People who want to make a difference are courageous, go first, give orientation, like to help, are creative, have an attitude, are optimistic, give constructive feedback and impulses. The work should be fulfilling and fun - and is becoming more and more digital.

Digital pioneers know things first. Today they know what happens the day after tomorrow. Next to them, you never miss anything important again. For example, they have been talking about Bitcoin and Blockchain since 2012. Digital pioneers are the first to reach their goal. Be a Pioneer!

We help digital pioneers to work and live happily ever after.
Digitization is complex. Today this is happening, tomorrow this. And very few people know whether this will still be important the day after tomorrow. We do - because finding that out is our task.
We help digital pioneers to work and live happily.

We say what it's like and talk the way we are.
We want to be informative and understandable. We take the liberty of provoking appropriately and irritating playfully. As a brand, we always try to provide useful and practical information about the digital topics of our time. The nerd in us is heard from here and there, yet we do not overtax anyone with technical jargon. We offer a subset for experts without being deterrent or boring for newcomers to the subject. Despite widespread fears, we accompany technological developments optimistically and positively.

We <3 technology!

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