Competence Center 5G.NRW

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The Competence Center 5G.NRW aims to develop North Rhine-Westphalia into the lead market for 5G. Market trends, possible applications of 5G and their transferability potential for NRW are analysed and bundled within the framework of a broad 5G transfer offensive and prepared in such a way that the knowledge is available to all important players as quickly as possible. The development and operation of a flexible 5G experimental platform enables companies to implement innovative 5G demonstrators "on site". In a 5G model factory, platform concepts for 5G basic technologies can be developed and tested in practice. In addition, methods and procedures for the development and operation of telecommunication-supported applications are being researched. In the 5G Innovation Network, actors from the 5G environment, the ICT and user industries can exchange information in a trusting and targeted manner. With innovative event formats, such as Rocket Sessions, and annual 5G conferences, 5G.NRW invites you to jointly discuss and further develop future issues around the 5th mobile radio standard.