The companies WAGO, Götting, Mecsware, Ubirch and Novoferm are showing a joint reality showcase with technology that is already available! An AGV moves in a manufacturing area along with passenger traffic. A WAGO central control system controls the entire process including factory gates, signal lights and user recognition as well as data handling. Control and also AGV communicate via 5G. Important data is also tamper-proof stored on the 5G channel in a cloud.

About WAGO:
The WAGO Group is one of the leading international suppliers of connection and automation technology as well as interface electronics. Today it employs more than 8,500 people worldwide and generated sales of 932 million euros in 2018.

About Götting:
Götting has been developing innovative solutions for data communication between driverless transport vehicles (AGVs) since 1965 and has the world's most comprehensive range of sensors for lane guidance and navigation of these vehicles. With these solutions, vehicles ranging from the smallest FTF to forklifts, wheel loaders and trucks are partially and fully automated. A comfortable control system allows the administration and visualization of the transport processes.

About Novoferm:
The Novoferm Group is one of the leading European system suppliers of door and gate solutions and their drives and controls as well as loading systems for private, commercial and industrial use. All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using state-of-the-art technology. Maximum functionality is combined with innovative design. We produce at various international locations and are always on site for you - throughout Europe - thanks to our comprehensive sales network.

About MECSware:
MECSware develops 4G/5G system solutions – with the Mobile Edge Cloud Server (MECS) at its heart – which enable the fast deployment end easy operation of private campus networks. Mobile networks based on 4G/5G Small Cells provide utmost flexibility, low latency and highest privacy. That way MECSware supports business critical applications und assists customers on their path to automation and digitalization.

About Ubirch:
Ubirch is the specialist for blockchain-based technology in the field of IoT. Consisting of an extremely lightweight client for sensor firmware and the matching cloud backend, Ubirch's "Blockchain for Things" product enables data protection to military standards and thus offers new business models for the Internet of Things.