kutscher.TEC GmbH


Significantly lower maintenance downtime thanks to AI-driven integrated condition monitoring based instructions. k.COMBI makes manufacturers independent of maintenance cycles linked to fixed cycles and unexpected repairs, which "do not take into consideration" the everyday production routine and often lead to expensive downtimes. k.COMBI prevents this by allowing the system to define predefined thresholds for the need for corrective maintenance in a time window that reports producers more flexibility in the planning process and thus more expensive
avoids machine downtimes. As soon as predefined threshold values are exceeded, they are linked to digitized prompts and instructions. These can be available in any digital form that is suitable for display in mobile devices. A real-time video connection for remote assistance is just as much a part of k.COMBI as a MDM and a CMS from which digitized instructions are available on-location 24/7.

The maintenance and operating processes recorded by mobile devices via video form the basis for the world's first AI that automates the interaction between man and machine.