Ericsson Private Networks

As industrial digitalization drives high demand on local private networks, Ericsson provides standalone and integrated solution with Private Networks for high reliability, high performance and secure communications, fulfilling business critical and mission critical needs. Ericsson Private Networks support ICT and industrial service providers to create scalable growth by leveraging their existing network and spectrum assets through flexible deployment models. The solutions can be tailor-based on 4G and 5G technology to serve various scenarios e.g. indoor and outdoor, data and voice, standalone or integrated with public networks.

Ericsson Industry Connect

Ericsson Industry Connect is an easy-to-use and deploy cellular connectivity solution to accelerate Industry 4.0 digital transformation. Ericsson Industry Connect enables communication service providers to offer dedicated cellular networks at factories and warehouses starting with 4G/LTE, with a clear path to 5G. The offering strengthens Ericsson’s private networks and IoT portfolios by making 4G and 5G technologies accessible to new industrial markets and smaller players as well. Purpose-built for industrial environments such as factories and warehouses, the dedicated cellular connectivity solution enables secure, reliable coverage with high device density and predictable latency.