Gestalt Robotics GmbH


Gestalt Robotics GmbH is the leading service provider for solutions at the interface of classic industrial automation technology and (distributed) artificial intelligence.
In this context, we are working intensively on the subject of cloud robotics.
Together with partners, we are currently realizing the reliable control of mobile autonomous transport systems via the edge. One of the first 4G dual-slice campus networks in Germany and edge computing is used. Using low-latency, the entire control architecture is outsourced to virtualized infrastructures, while basic personal safety features remain on the local robot.
In a further project, value-added services based on 2D and 3D camera sensors will be realized for the mobile transport systems. This is where all the benefits of 5G come into their own for the first time: high bandwidths for the transmission of extensive sensor data, low latencies for realizing closed-loop control over edge infrastructure as well as guaranteed QoS and security functions for reliable and robust application in industry.