Efficiency Systems


Data Viualization,
Real-time monitoring

See what your company is doing at any time.
Smart Shopfloor merges your machine and company data into freely configurable dashboards: no matter whether you are working to capacity, order status, stock level or your progress in sales. And best of all, you can access it from anywhere at any time - all you need is a browser.

Better informed, more efficient production.
With Smart Shopfloor you make the right decisions early on. The longer you use Smart Shopfloor, the more data will accumulate in your database and increase your wealth of experience. Smart Shopfloor is equipped with a multi-level database structure that easily saves large amounts of data and at the same time makes them available quickly.

Matter of opinion: To each his Dashboard
Different roles, different requirements: Have all key figures at a glance, no matter which division you work in.

Your benefit: Each employee can work independently with the data they need in their day-to-day business.